Best Hybrid Memory Foam and Coil Mattress

The Keetsa Plus® Mattress
  • Best hybrid memory foam and coil mattress
  • A mixture of softness and firmness for a great night’s sleep
  • Good choice if you want an eco-friendly mattress
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The Keetsa Plus’s iCoils create a solid firmness while the memory foam comfort top provides the softness. It’s a winning combination that ensures that users are well-rested every time they sleep on this eco-friendly mattress.

There are two frequent complaints about this mattress: that there is a very strong odor at first (which is common with memory foam mattresses) and that it’s also pretty hard for the first few weeks. However, most customers say that it just takes a little breaking in to get past both.


Temperature: With a fiber filling, the Keetsa Plug has built-in moisture-wicking properties.

Smell: Although you may notice a strong odor with this mattress at first, it shouldn’t last very long.

Support: This is an incredibly well-made hybrid mattress that gives you all the support you’d expect from coils. However, these are iCoils, so they’re more flexible and responsive than standard innerspring coils. The memory foam is also quite firm, so it’ll hold you comfortably in place all night.

Longevity: Many customers have attested to the durability of this bed, even after years of daily and repeated use.

Price: This is a great option if you’re transitioning from innerspring mattresses to memory foam, but don’t want to pay the higher prices typically associated with it.


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