It's all in the lather.  The key to a close, smooth shave is the soap or cream that you use - and the lather you work it into.  

  • Dispenses warm shaving cream
  • Barbershop-worthy
  • Accommodates most canisters

The device heats shaving cream or gel in 1 1/2 minutes, producing a barbershop-worthy, soothing lather that opens pores and softens and raises hair so it is easier to cut. A dial adjusts the temperature of the lather and an indicator light illuminates when the preferred temperature has been achieved. The unit accommodates most canisters up to 2 1/2"-wide and stores unobtrusively on a countertop or inside a toiletry kit. And, the warmer it is, the easier it is to shave.  Not only does this gadget bring tech into the bathroom, it'll make life easier too. Gift wrap is available for $6.95. 

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