The Grandparent Gift Life Story Frame

Best Mother’s Day Gift for Grandmothers

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The tags are printed on the backing and you’ll need to use a little bit of creativity to get this going. 


Mother’s Day is inherently about grandmothers too – so don’t forget to pick up something special for grandma. This photo frame is exactly the sort of gift that makes grandparents smile – especially if you fill it with meaningful photos before giving it. It’s a standard size 8x12” frame with space for three photos. It’s especially fantastic for new grandmas.

Looking for alternative gifts for mom?

Does gran have too many grandchildren to count? Perhaps this Coby 1.5” Digital LCD Photo Keychain will make it easier to show off her grandchildren (and her kids, though we all know grandkids are the absolute best). You can pick it up for under $30 and pre-load it for ease.

Of course, not all grandmothers are the photo carrying type. And, we can totally recommend these engraved rolling pins($34) if she’s more the cookie-baking, spoiling sort of grandma. There is a range of patterns to choose from – and there’s no reason this gift should ever be relegated to grandma status; it’s marvelous for all bakers.

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