The Good Grocer Snack Box

Best Graduation Gift for the Picky Eater

Why people love it


  • Prompt shipping 
  • Variety of snacks for different cravings 
  • Delicious but healthy


No refrigeration required. Small bags fit easily into a purse or backpack for on-the-go snacking.

One reviewer gripes that the snacks are childish and best suited for young kids. We respectfully disagree, but maybe it’s weird that we’re grownups who still love popcorn and fig bars?


Why Your Grad’s Gonna Love It: If your grad is a picky eater, he or she probably won’t enjoy most of the selections in the dining hall. This snack box has something for every palate, whether your college student wants salty popcorn or honey-sweetened Bunny Grahams. Many of the snacks are gluten free and non GMO, and some of them are low carb.

One reviewer says that sharing the goodies from this box makes it easy to connect with new friends, which makes total sense. After all, what college kid doesn’t like free snacks? If the box is a hit with your grad, you can subscribe at a discounted rate and have it delivered once a month.

Price: It’s around $40 for this box of healthy snacks, but you can get it cheaper if you commit to a monthly subscription.

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