Any man that enjoys making himself look the best he can will certainly not head out for a weekend away without his toiletry kit.  

  • Dome-shaped compartment3
  • Leather side handle
  • Durable

First produced in the early 1900s, the kits were a popular alternative for packing such men's grooming essentials as deodorant, a razor, a comb, and cologne when traveling. The popularity and practicality of the kits resulted in their issuance to millions of new U.S. Army recruits during World War II. Updated with leather, this bag has a dome-shaped compartment and leather side handle with a zip-open bottom and mesh organizers for easy, convenient packing and transport. The durable, pull-up leather will take on a distressed, weathered look over time, leaving lighter areas around stress points.  Gift wrap is available for $6.95.

And that bag should be as sexy as the man that carries it.  This one is modeled after the canvas toiletry kits originally carried by American GIs, this Vachetta leather bag conveniently stores personal care items for easy retrieval. 

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