The Gentlemen's Beard Oil and Conditioner Softener

Best Organic Beard Grooming Oil For Fast Growth

Why people love it
  • Minimal scent ideal for using with body spray/cologne
  • Makes managing frizzy beards easier
  • Softens skin and brings out hair color

This oil is 100% organic and free of fillers, parabens, additives, and GMOs. Additionally, it has a minimal scent, is an effective conditioner, and helps to manage frizzy and curly beards.

Leaves a greasy film and doesn't absorb as fully into the hair and skin as some reviewers would like.


Features: The ingredients in this grooming product include: organic argan seed oil to moisturize and condition your your facial hair while improving skin health - also prevents split ends; organic evening primrose oil and Vitamin E to nourish your skin and hair and reduce dandruff; and organic jojoba to help fight acne, regulate the production of skin oil, and promote hair growth. This mixture of all-organic ingredients makes this one of the best products on our list. It's free of parabens, fillers, artificial ingredients, additives, and GMO products, making it one of the most natural products around.

Some users have complained that it leaves a greasy residue, which is the result of the heavier argan oil. However, the thicker texture makes it easier to get your unruly facial hair under control. And with no scent, you'll find that this creation is perfect for those who like to use milder cologne.

Price: At just under $20 for a 1-ounce bottle, it's a slightly pricey product. People with thick, heavy beards will go through the stuff VERY fast. You'll love it if you have a trimmed beard and want to keep it groomed and looking good. Considering its organic ingredients, it's a good value for the price. Check out our list of online stores to see where to buy.

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