Why people love it
  • Manages hair and reduces itching
  • Doesn't leave greasy film 
  • Warm, manly scent; great for use without cologne

Small bottle with a high price tag; too expensive for men with big beards.


The Product: If you're looking for a quality beard grooming product, this is the one for you!

The list of ingredients includes:

  • Extra virgin coconut oil, which contains lots of Vitamin E to condition and moisturize your skin, stimulate hair growth, and even act as a natural sunscreen.
  • Evening primrose and added Vitamin E oils to reduce itching, protect your skin, and prevent dandruff.

The amber-colored glass bottle protects what's inside from UV sunlight, ensuring that the natural oils last longer without degrading.

The scent is mild and pleasant, with a manly fragrance you can't help but love. People familiar with the classic "Tropical Bay Rum" scent may find that this product doesn't exactly match what you're used to, but it has a very mild "pina colada" smell. For those who hate overpowering smells, it's a good option to consider. It won't drown out the scent of your cologne.

This creation is absorbed beautifully into your skin and hair, and it applies easily: add a few drops to your hand and rub into the hair. If you need help getting unruly facial hair under control, this is an excellent oil to do just that.

Value:  At $22 for a 1-ounce bottle, this is one of the priciest products on the list. (See our "best for value" Fave if you want a cheaper product). But if you want only premium quality, it's worth the $20+ you'll spend on it! For the best deals and where to buy check out the online stores we've listed in this article.

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