Why people love it
  • Incredible product given the price (and covered by many insurances)
  • Very comfortable for moms
  • Easy to clean electric breast pump

Any double breast pump makes for efficient expression which is a bonus for any busy mom. There are also eight suction-level settings so you can set an optimal pressure and speed. 

Some women have a difficult time getting the suction right on any of the eight speeds, and it's not recommended for women that experience difficulties with breastfeeding or pumping. 


Breast pumps come in all shapes and sizes. And, you'll find an extreme range of prices. While you can more or less live by the adage that you get what you pay for, you don't always need to spend a fortune. If you need a super portable, super affordable, electric breast pump, you've just stumbled upon it. Don't think of this as the best of the cheap pumps out there; instead, consider it to be an inexpensive electric model for occasional pumping. As a bonus, this is a double pump which means you can express more milk in less time. 

  • Efficiency: Let's be honest, you're not expecting much for the price, but this is a lot more efficient than one might think. Sure, it's not going to give you super strong suction, but it works marvelously well for what you pay. And, it may even do better than that. If you are only pumping at the office or to relieve some pressure; it is more efficient than more expensive models on the market. 
  • Ease of Use: Okay, let's talk about that handle; it seems really rather odd, doesn't it? But it's there to make your life easier, and it really works. That said, it can be strange at first and you may need to figure out how to get into a comfortable position while pumping. But, the setup of this pump is very simple even with the harness. With only eight speeds to deal with, there isn't a lot you need to figure out. The plug-in cable is long, but you can operate it with batteries only - as long as you have some charged. 
  • Comfort: Yep, that handle again. We'll admit that it's not easy to wrap your head around at first, but once you get it, you won't have any issues. More importantly, the suction and breast shields are found to be very comfortable - as long as you don't have very large breasts. If you do, positioning this comfortably can be a challenge. But, you're unlikely to experience sore nipples unless you're using this machine constantly. It's simply not designed for constant use. 
  • Portability: Wow! This baby comes with a tote that allows you to store everything you need. (Yes, at that price!) That's pretty awesome already, but when you factor in just how compact the pump itself if, you'll be amazed at how easy it is to bring this with you wherever you go. It's a top choice for women that work in different locations every day or spend a lot of time getting from point to point. 
  • Washability: This electric breast pump isn't difficult to assemble or disassemble. You won't find it difficult to clean, though you will need to give it some time to dry so that condensation doesn't build up in the tubes. That said, it shouldn't require any great effort on your part to keep it safe for you and baby. 
  • Noise Level: People will know you're pumping; they will hear it. But, you can't expect everything on a budget model, can you? However, the noise level still isn't overwhelming; indeed it can be said to be quieter than most. After awhile, you may even enjoy the little buzzing noise.
  • Price: The initial MSRP of $99 has come down over the years to sit at about $80. That includes the tote and a couple of bottles. If you find it for less than $70 (which you can), you've just scored an impressive deal. 
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