Why people love it
  • Easily warm a bottle up overnight; no muss or fuss
  • Set it before bedtime and let it do its thing with the press of a button
  • Lets you know when the bottle is warm and ready for baby

Compatible with a wide range of bottles, keeps breast milk cool for up to 8 hours, can hold enough water for two nighttime feedings, and can be used for pacifiers and food jars.

Has a tendency to over-heat bottles.


Features: This is a product designed to be used in the dead of night, when you're half asleep and fumbling in the darkness. All you have to do is pour one of the pre-filled vials into the warmer, set the bottles in, and press the button. The light will switch off to let you know when the bottle has been fully heated.

Warning: some users have complained that the warmer makes the bottle a little too hot. Test carefully before giving to your child.

What makes this a good overnight choice is the fact that it can keep two bottles of breast milk or formula cool for up to eight hours. Prepare the bottles or pump breast milk the night before, and the bottles will be ready for you to warm overnight.

You can also use the warmer to heat baby food (in glass jars) or sterilize pacifiers. It's a very handy appliance to have for an easier night of sleep!

Price: At $19, how could this not be a great option to consider? Its affordable price tag and convenient design makes it a great option for those who want a no-fuss bottle warmer to use at night.

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