The Dude Diet Cookbook

Best Christmas Gift for Food Lovers

Why people love it
  • Help him learn how to make his delicious foods nutritious as well
  • A great deal of valuable information presented in a way he can understand
  • Encourages him to cook and eat healthy

Some cooking skill required (heh heh).


Details: For guys who need to clean up their diet a bit, this is a gift that will help him do just that. The book is loaded with a wealth of information that can help him to improve his eating habits, but it's presented in a "guy-friendly" way. He'll learn what's unhealthy about his current food choices, and how he can start making better, cleaner food choices.

It's not a book to ram healthy eating down his throat, but it goes the route of "fun" education. The recipes are all variations on his favorite foods, but with a focus on nutrition as well as delicious flavor. He'll find the information contained in the book will give him a better understanding about how to mesh healthy eating with the unhealthy foods he loves.

Price: If $17 is too much to pay for the paperback version, you can always opt for the $5 ebook. However, the paperback will ensure the book stays in plain sight: on his bedside table, in his office, or in the kitchen. That way, he'll HAVE to read it.

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