Bike Boards
  • Turns your bicycle into a snowboard
  • Great for joy-riding at top speeds down steep ski slopes
  • Easy to attach and secure, simple removal

Secure, sturdy, take your bike down the ski slopes, a good alternative to bicycle snow tires, durable composite board, and clips easily into place. Great for cycling in deep snow.

Kit must be assembled, steep learning curve until you get the hang of movement.


Performance: Love mountain biking but hate that you have to stop during heavy snowfall? Use this little device to turn your bicycle into a snowboard. This snowboard attaches to your bike so you can take it on joy rides down the slopes! It's easy to clip into place and very secure for a new way to have fun.

Features: It easily adjusts to the front wheel of your bike, with two metal jaw pins holding the wheel into place. The board also has a full steel edge and side-curved tips so you can do some serious carving damage. It can be attached to both the front and rear wheels to double your glide speed. Compatible with large, medium, and small bicycles.

Price: A single-ski kit will run you just under $400, while two skis will cost you upward of $600. Pricey, but a fun new way to bring your two favorite activities--snowboarding and cycling--together this winter.


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