5 Best Gifts for Your Husband

5 Best Gifts for Your Husband

Finding the perfect gift for your husband may be a daunting task, but it’s not impossible. After all, this is the person you live with, and likely speak with, eat with, and spend the most time with. In theory it shouldn't be hard. But, when you’re looking for the perfect gift, sometimes its hard to narrow down the choices to just one.

When selecting the best gift for your husband it’s best to consider his wants, rather than his needs. This is important for two reasons. First of all, you probably already tell him what he needs enough of the time. Perhaps even so much so that getting a gift of what you think he needs isn’t going to fill him with joy. Second, he’s a grown married man and he can get what he needs on his own.

Point blank, focusing on his wants is surely the best route to take.

Then of course there’s always the challenge of finding out what he actually wants. He probably won’t tell you straight up, and you’re likely to become frustrated. But, just remember that he displays what he wants in different ways. Rather than asking him, listen to him. Note what he gets excited about, and yes even what he obsesses over. Regardless of if you think it’s boring or childish, these are his wants, and this is the way he’s showing them to you.

To get you started, we’ve gathered 17 gifts that married men love. Choose from 1 of these best gifts for your husband and you’ll be sure to have a grateful man on your hands come gift giving time.