14 Best Gifts for Guys Who Love Movies

14 Best Gifts for Guys Who Love Movies

Finding gifts for movie lovers can be tough. You know these men love movies because they can turn any conversation into something movie-related, but you’re not quite sure how to turn their gifts into something movie-related… as well as something that they don’t already have. 

So, where to start?

Well, let’s talk brass tacks. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, people, on average, dedicate 2.8 hours each day to watching TV or movies during their leisure time.

2.8 hours is the perfect time to make some popcorn, watch a few trailers, and catch a movie. It’s also more than enough time to drive to the theatre and do the same (so long as it’s not a Tarantino flick or Oscar contender).  

If your movie-loving friend is spending this much time in front of a screen every day, let’s be practical. It won’t make much sense to buy them a movie. They probably already have the ones they want anyway, or they’re streaming all their movies through Netflix. If you want to get gifts for movie lovers that are worthwhile, you need to look outside the box.

Here’s what I mean:

In all the research we’ve conducted around the best gifts for movie fans, we’ve found three schools of thought:

  1. Go the memorabilia route;
  2. Play into their love for movie trivia; or
  3. Give them something practical to enhance the movie-watching experience.

Even if you’re not a movie buff yourself, it’s easy to find gifts for your movie-loving friends, if you know where to look. Luckily enough, we’ve done the work for you.

Want to go silly? Want to find something for the friend who’s got a countdown to the next Star Wars? Want to give them a watch to make them feel like a movie star? (Actually, just check this out if you want to go that route.)

If you’re in need of a movie-themed gift, chances are pretty good, we’ve got something on our list that will fit your budget and make your friend/husband/brother wish they had more than a few hours to spend in front of the TV. 


 If you have movie lover on your gift list you'll need a few ideas of what to get them. Like we said, you know the problem... if he likes a movie, he'll already own it. Of course, you could get them a collector's edition of a movie trilogy like the Star Wars collection. And, if he already owns all of them (of course he does, right?), there's always a Star Wars lightsaber or two. (Yes, you've got a few options).

You can also pick up a clapperboard or replica Academy Award if it's all things movie in his world. Now, we've added in a few television themed gifts (Breaking Bad merchandise in the form of Breaking Bad episodes) because we know that sometimes he really does seem to have everything already.

For the true film buffs, consider their deeper interests in film. Perhaps they want to know a bit about the directors that bring the movie to life. There are plenty of books and journals to fill this quest for knowledge. Just think about Guillermo del Toro's notebook. This illustrations book will give you a glimpse into his thought process and inspirations for his movies.  (Oh and don't forget, he still wants a gremlin, but he'll probably take a Groot replica.)

Regardless of what he's into, we promise our list has got the perfect gift for him. Now, on to the list!