The Art of Shaving Unscented After-Shave Balm

Best Overall Men’s Aftershave Product

Why people love it
  • There's no overpowering fragrance
  • Super soothing for all skins
  • Calms burning and irritation

This is definitely not the cheapest aftershave on the market. And, you may want to be careful not to put too much on your skin; it may feel a little greasy at first. 


If you've got sensitive skin, this may be just the aftershave product for you. It's filled with grapeseed extract, shea butter, and vitamin C - all of which work to improve the health of delicate skins.  

This incredible product ranks high on our list of men's aftershave products because of it's healing and refreshing powers when applied to sensitive skins.  Although this is certainly not the cheapest product in the world of aftershave treatments, it is certainly worth every penny. And you'll know that as soon as you apply it to your face the first time.

What Type of Aftershave Is This? Balm

What’s Inside? We love that this an alcohol-free formula. It's also free from synthetic dyes. What it does have is all that lovely grapeseed extract, shea butter, and vitamin C from citrus extracts. You'll also find glycerin and jojoba for an aftershave that goes on smoothly and is completely absorbed by your skin. 

What’s It Smell Like? This particular balm from The Art of Shaving is fragrance-free so, you never need to worry about offending anyone - at least by the aroma of your aftershave. However, there are scented varieties from the same line you can try if you prefer another scent. In case you're wondering, the folks at Men's Health prefer the lavender variety - especially for nighttime shavers. 

Will It Break the Bank? It's not cheap, we'll say that much. The price per ounce is generally about $7.20. But, it's a winning product and doesn't contain alcohol, so...

What’s the Bottom Line? It's difficult to find an aftershave that's so highly recommended and doesn't contain any alcohol. It's perfect for oily skins as well as super-sensitive faces. It's our fave for the awesome composition, the way it soothes skin, and the fact that it doesn't stink. We wouldn't mind if it were cheaper, though. 

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