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Best Christmas Gift for Snacking In-Laws

Why people love it
  • So many types of meats, cheeses, and sweet treats
  • Terrific variety, great value
  • Premium ingredients for a gourmet product

Incredibly broad assortment of gourmet meats, cheeses, and treats; includes both sweet and savory delights; comes in a beautiful gift box; and chocolates feature high quality ingredients.

Some products need to be refrigerated or frozen.


Why They'll Love It: Not sure what to buy for your in-laws? This box set of meats, cheeses, and treats is a surefire winner every time! The snack-sized beef and pork sausages will make for a delicious picnic or evening dinner party treat, and the luxurious cheddar, Colby, gouda, and brick cheeses are sure to enchant their palate. The mini butter toffees are absolutely delightful, and the cakes, fruit spreads, petit fours, and bonbons are the perfect way to wrap up a delicious snack box. Just over 2 pounds of top-quality treats!

Price: At $30 for the snack box, it's a well-priced gift basket that your in-laws are certain to enjoy. Each of the 27 favorites will give them something new and unique to try.

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