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Teva Women's Tirra Athletic Sandal
  • An all-around durable and versatile pair of sandals
  • Take these bad boys hiking, climbing, or strolling around town
  • Solid support, maximum stability, and excellent comfort
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Very durable, maximum comfort, solid grip on your feet, good traction, stylish, great for hiking and walking, true to size fit,  stability and support guaranteed,  quick-drying fabric, very lightweight,  easy to slip on and off, cushioned heel

Footbed may cause your feet to sweat, may start to smell quicker than other sandals


Design: These sandals are designed for ANYTHING—with their solid rubber outsole, thick heel cushioning, contoured footbed, and built-in arch support, you’ll find they’re thick enough for walking, climbing, hiking, or playing in the sand. Their upper is made using a lightweight synthetic fabric that is highly resistance to water and wear, and it’s quick-drying enough that you’ll be able to walk right off the beach and around town without delay.

Where to Wear: Anywhere and everywhere! These are as stylish as it gets for proper sandals—definitely not the sort of thing to wear with a sun dress, but the perfect pair of sandals for beach use, walking, and exploring.  

Comfort: The level of comfort with these bad boys is as good as it gets. The built-in heel cushioning provides excellent joint support, and you’ll find the arch support makes walking around town a dream. The ankle straps will be scratchy at first but very comfortable once broken in.

The only real downside is that the footbed is made of material that can cause your feet to sweat. You’ll need to wash the sandals regularly to keep them from smelling.

Price: Starting as low as $45, these are a very well-priced pair of sandals that will keep up with you, no matter how active you are!


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