Teva Terra Fi Lite Sandal

Best Mens Sandals Overall

Why people love it
  • Lightweight and wonderfully comfortable, but with a sturdy feel
  • Great for hiking and walking; provides moderate arch support
  • Very good quality for the price

Good traction, lightweight yet durable, very comfortable, strap securely on your feet, fairly affordable, great for beach and outdoor wear, low profile, and provide decent arch support.

Slippery when wet and may cause blisters.


Performance: If you want a comfortable pair of mens sandals that can keep up with beach and outdoor wear, these Tevas are the ones for you. They're incredibly comfortable, with a supportive footbed that adapts to the shape of your feet for easier walking. The shoes are an upgrade from the Hurricane XLT, as they have a thicker sole, reinforced triangle rings to give the straps a longer lifespan, and a very deep tread for excellent traction.

The straps are padded for maximum comfort, and they pull tight around your feet to stop them from slipping around. They may rub a bit if they get wet, but they're great to use with or without socks. Though some users have complained about sizing, you'll find these Teva sandals are just what you need to keep up with your home and active use.

Price: The price on these sandals is surprisingly good considering how durable they are. You'll pay just $40 or so for a pair of these bad boys—not the cheapest around, but definitely worth the price for a pair of mens sandals that will last you for years to come.

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