Teton Sports Celsius XXL Sleeping Bag

Best Sleeping Bag for Big and Tall

Why people love it
  • Nice and roomy, even for big guys
  • So warm, people report sweating in under 30° weather
  • Quality made

Even the big and tall can roll around and stay warm in this bag all the way down to 0° F. It's also super lofty and comfortable. 

It's a bulky bag and difficult to stuff back in its sack.


Temperature Rating: The Teton Sports Celsius XXL withstands temperatures to 0°, and also has an adjustable zipper to control heat.

Price: At around $50, this quality bag won't break the bank.

Comfort: This is the absolute best bag we found for big and tall folks. You'll still be able to move around confortably on it's cotton stuffed loft.


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