Why people love it
  • Breathable, comfortable, and durable
  • Stay cool and dry whether you run, lift, practice Yoga, or play sports
  • Protects your skin (UPF 50+) from UV rays; great for outdoor activities

Designed for all sports and activities, quick-drying, moisture-wicking, great ventilation, UV radiation protection, lightweight, comfortable, versatile, reduces body odor, sleek, and excellent price.

Sizes run small and the material is slick to the touch.


Comfort: If you want a shirt that will keep up with all your activities—sports, Yoga, lifting, running, dance, etc.—give this shirt a try. It's designed to keep you super cool and dry, with excellent breathability and 100% polyester fabric that wicks moisture away from your skin for faster drying. The material is odor and bacteria-resistant as well.

The fabric contains a special UPF 50+ that protects your skin from UV rays, making it the perfect shirt to use for outdoor running and training sessions. Though it feels slick to the touch, it's a fairly comfortable option that will work well with any type of sport/athletic activity.

Fit: If there's one main complaint about this shirt, it's that all the sizes run small. One user said he bought a 3XL but found it fit like an L/XL, and most of the poor customer reviews echo the same sentiment. Tesla doesn't provide a sizing chart, but you'll want to buy at least one size larger than your normal shirt.

However, once you find the right fit, you'll love the sleek, slim design of the shirt. The contours are flattering without being form-fitting, and the shirt accentuates your arms, shoulders, and chest while concealing any excess around the midsection.

Price: Starting at less than $8 for the shirt, this is one of the best-priced options on our list. You'll find it's absolutely worth the price if you want something to use for any workout!

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