Why people love it
  • Stay warm in winter and cool in summer
  • Offers compression and shaping for a sculpted upper body look
  • Durable, comfortable, and reliable; a great workout shirt!

Designed for all-season use, breathable, good elasticity, compression not too tight, good price, odor-resistant, UPF 50+ protection, flat-lock seams, and smooth on your skin.

Sizes run small and the sleeves tend to roll up.


Comfort: This is a shirt you wear when you want to stay warm in winter and cool in the summer, but you also want to add a bit of sculpting to your upper body. The shirt offers decent compression without being so form-fitting you can't move around in it. The material isn't as soft as some of the other shirts on this list, but you'll love how smooth and sleek it feels.

The shirt makes the perfect base layer, and the 87% polyester and 13% elastane fabric blend gives it just the right amount of elasticity to be versatile. It's breathable, well-ventilated, and comes with special odor/bacteria-resistant technology. Definitely a great shirt for all seasons!

Fit: The fit on this shirt is TIGHT, as it's intended to add compression to your upper body in order to enhance blood flow and speed up post-workout recovery. The website even says, "We strongly recommend ordering ONE size up what you normally wear." However, some users complain that the sizes still run small when wearing two sizes larger than normal—this is likely to do with the fact that they're expecting a workout shirt, not a compression shirt.

ONLY buy this shirt if you want to add compression to your base layer!

Price: Starting at $10, this is a very well-priced shirt. It regulates your temperature in any weather and makes the perfect item to wear beneath a snowboarding suit or lightweight gym shirt, or even on its own.

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