Why people love it
  • Seriously improves self-confidence
  • Smells like sex
  • Has pheromones

The citrus and ocean breeze aspects are loved by some, a bit light for others.


This cologne is filled with pheromones. You read that right, this is like wearing sex as a fragrance. Don't believe it - just try it, this is driving women crazy like nothing ever has before. It has a hint of citrus...a touch of ocean breeze...a sensual anchor of patchouli oil and cedarwood

What Reviewers Say:

People just can't get enough of this cologne. It is, after all, filled with pheromones. And, in case you were wondering, this is what people have to say about it:

  • This is the best scent, and I've got about 10 colognes. I am on my second bottle--and Opium for Men is the only other bottle I've ever bought two of. It has a unique, manly scent, and I just love it. A bit like CK one but less feminine. The kind of scents I like are Paradise, Lucky No. 6, and Crave to give you an idea of my taste. I am not sure if the pheromones will attract a lover, as I am not looking for one. I have noticed that people are nicer to me when I wear it, and I feel more confident. I heartily recommend this product, even for its lofty price.
  • Love this scent have 5 more on wishlist!! Have heard compliments mostly by women stating "Wow something smells really good in here!!." Havent had that effect on guys yet, but still love the scent.

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