Tempur-Pedic TP8000 Mesh Computer and Desk Office Chair

Sturdiest Ergonomic Office Chair

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Why people love it

  • Comes chock-full of adjustable features 
  • Back and seat are both comfortable and supportive 
  • Well-designed 


Some users have complained about the seat being too hard. My suggestion is you head into a Staples to give this a test run if that’s a concern.


Support: This chair includes a number of adjustable features so you can set the width and height of your arms as well as the degree of the chair tilt. Overall though, customers really appreciate how much support this chair provides for their back.

Comfort: Both the mesh backing and polyester seating are lauded for providing a super comfortable experience. In addition, this chair is sturdy, so you don’t have to worry about slipping and sliding around within it or along the floor (at least when you don’t want to).

Cost: This is on the lower end of ergonomic office chair pricing, so if you’re looking for a compromise, this may be a good one to explore.

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