Teeter EP-560 Inversion Table

Best Inversion Table for Safety (and Easy Assembly)

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Though it does claim to fully invert, it’s a little difficult with the tether strap to preset it to a full 90º (or 180º - depending on the measurement you use).


The first thing you’ll notice about this Teeter inversion table is that assembly is super simple. It’s 90% pre-assembled and the instructions for the remaining bits are easy to follow. You can set aside a mere 30 minutes before you climb onto it – and that’s including your individual adjustments.

While it does invert fully, it’s difficult to lock it into a full 90º inversion. Luckily, there is a small pillow for head support when not hanging completely upside down. (Yes, it’s adjustable.) And there are a small, but totally useful number of preset angles.

We know the flexible plastic doesn’t look totally appealing or comfortable, but the acupressure nodes and lumbar bridge accessories on this Teeter inversion table are adjustable, removable, and far more comfortable than they might appear at first. There’s also a DVD with 5 different stretching and strengthening positions if you’re keen on more than simple back pain relief.

Now, we know this is on the more expensive side of the inversion table spectrum, but if safety and ease of use are what matter to you, then you may want to extend your budget to fit this baby. It has impressive safety certifications and you can fold it away in under a minute.

Why not the 960?

In case you’re wondering why we didn’t go with the 960 model, we must tell you that it was a difficult decision. Both models have impressive safety features and carry the same 5-year warranty. In fact, they’re remarkably similar.

While there are small differences between the two Teeter inversion table models, we didn’t feel they justified the (roughly $100) higher price. While the 960 offers a triple ankle lock system, the 560 is compatible with inversion boots. The 960 works with the EZ angle tether strap and has preset 20º, 40º, and 60º angles. The 560 uses an adjustable angle tether strap to reach more without as many presets. If you think one of these differences is enough to move you, then check out the Teeter Hang Ups EP-960 Inversion Table. It might be the right one for you, though many users don’t find the higher (standard) price tag to account for the differences.

Durability: Made with heat-treated carbon steel, this baby has auto-locking hinges. We love the squeak-free pivot bearings. Because it’s not covered with pillows or nylon, it should last longer. The bed itself is made from comfortable, flexible plastic.

Safety: This is perhaps the only table with a UK 1647 safety rating – so you’ll feel wonderfully secure, even as you hang there. We’re also fans of the auto-locking hinges and the thick, non-skid stabilizers.

Ankle comfort and support: The curved ankle supports reduce pressure on your ankles. It’s an EZ Ankle lock system, so you won’t need to do a lot of bending.

Height and weight limits: It’s absolutely standard with its ability to handle users up to 6’6” with a max of 300 pounds.

Dimensions: Assembled: 66”L x 29”W x 59"H. When folded, it measures 66”L x 29”W x 20”H. It weighs 67 pounds which certainly isn’t the heaviest.

Price: We certainly think the $370 price tag is value for money considering what this table can do, but it’s pushing on the expensive side. (Cheap models cost less than $100 but others can push up towards $800.) But, you do get an impressive 5-year warranty.

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