Teens Cook: How to Cook What You Want to Eat

Best Christmas Gift for the Teenage Girl that’s a Budding Chef to Be

Why people love it
  • Most buyers fall in love with this book
  • Great recipes
  • Easy to follow

You’ll find more than 75 recipes in this book – each one geared at teen (and tween) cooks with easy to understand language and ideas for every meal of the day.

Some of the recipes will be a bit of a stretch for teens use to takeout.


Whenever your teen takes to the kitchen, she’ll want to have this handy cookbook at her side. It’s filled with the most delicious ideas and recipes that anyone can easily cook. That makes it a wonderful gift before heading off to college – or just because she’d rather turn towards healthy snacks than fattening freezer food.

There are several different formats available, including a Kindle version if you’re working on cutting the clutter in your life. If your teen is more of a baker, why not try this clever cookbook? It’s filled with lovely desserts. And then there’s this Master Chef Junior Cooking Essentials Kit.

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