Why people love it
  • Built to handle heavier users--up to 440 pounds (200 kg)
  • Feels solid and durable; built to last
  • Comes with extra features (calorie recommendations, BMI calculation, user profiles, etc.)

The calorie suggestion feature is inaccurate



This scale reads up to 440 pounds, more weight than any other commercial-grade bathroom scales. It's precise and accurate, and will deliver a consistent reading (provided you don't move it around). You'll love how it feels solid and durable underfoot. There's no creak of the tempered glass, it's a product that is built to last.


This great product has a few extra features built into it: a BMI calculator (you input height and weight), 4 separate User Profiles, and calorie recommendations for weight loss. With the functionality to turn on instantly, aswell as automatic shut off once you finish, this product maximizes battery life. If your lithium battery is running low, the in-built battery indicator will alert you. The buttons (to change from kg to pounds and vice versa) are a bit small, but they provide excellent functionality.


This minimum-frills bathroom device will run you just under $40, a bit pricey compared to some of the other options on our list. However, it's able to handle a lot more weight (40 pounds more) than your average scales, making it a good choice for heavier users.

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