Why people love it
  • A loved classic
  • Incredible scent
  • Refillable bowl

Some reviewers would like the bowl to be a little deeper, but reviewers can not stop raving about the soap itself.


Ingredients: Taylor of Old Bond Street is a glycerin and oil based soap that brings the best of both elements into play for a ridiculously close shave. You will be noticed with the manly scent that isn't overpowering, but will still linger throughout the day.

Soap hardness: This is a triple milled soap, so it will last a long time, giving you a barbershop quality shave everytime. Keep in mind, you will need to prep the skin surface with water, so make sure you give yourself a little extra time for each shave.

Lather: It takes about a minute, but this soap creates a rich, thick lather that will feel like a cloud on your face. A lot of reviewers prefer to lather on their hand or directly on the face with Taylor of Old Bond Street Soaps.

Cost: Another high-end option on price. But again, you get a bowl with it, so you will save a lot by opting for the combo.  

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