Why people love it
  • Taste rivals cookies made with wheat flour
  • Crisp exterior
  • Loaded with chocolate chips

A handful of reviewers complain that these cookies break easily. However, broken pieces do make an excellent ice cream topping.


Taste: A buttery base complements the rich flavor of real chocolate chips in every delicious bite. These cookies are sweet, but not to the point where you worry that you should bump your next dental appointment to an earlier date. Don’t be surprised if you eat the entire bag in one sitting - numerous reviewers have confessed to doing so.

Texture: Tate’s gluten-free chocolate chip cookies are thin and crispy. When we share them with our BFFs and family members, they swear they can’t even tell these tasty cookies are gluten free. Moisture makes these cookies soft, so eat them quickly or seal the bag tightly if you want to retain their signature crispy goodness.

Ingredients: You’ll probably recognize most - or all - of the ingredients in Tate’s cookies from your own recipes. The cookies use rice flour rather than a blend of gluten-free grains, and they’re also made with brown sugar, vanilla, and chocolate chips.

Price: A pack of 3 costs around $17, which is about $5.66 for every 12 cookies. This is pretty average as far as gluten-free cookies go.

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