The perfect moisturizer for dehydrated skin, this non-greasy formula provides antioxidant protection while leaving the skin super smooth. 

  • Apricot oil and algae or papaya extracts help achieve an optimum skin hydration level
  • Revitalizes and boosts the skin's vital functions

What could make this product worth the price? Natural plant extracts will also exfoliate to improve skin's appearance. Provides the skin with a unique feeling of comfort.

Plus, it does something that none of the other moisturizers on this list can do. Task Essential has ingredients that exfoliate your skin on application - and don't worry, they're all natural. This Swiss brand would never stand for anything else. The gentle exfoliation process means all that healthy, glowing skin just hanging about underneath the surface of your face can shine through every morning. Your skin won't just look healthy; it wll actually be healthier. Not only that, this Task Essential moisturiser is non-greasy and filled with antioxidants. When you're ready to spend on your face, this is the product you need. At Faveable, we love everything about this moisturizer; we just wish it could be a little less expensive.

What Reviewers Say:

  • After applying the moisturizer on a clean skin you can feel that it starts working immediatley. After just one week of use my skin feels radiant and has more glow plus diminishes the wrinkles around my eyes. I really recommend this product.
  • Good moisturizer but does not leave your face feeling greasy at all

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