You waste an incredible amount of water just flushing the toilet. This gadget cuts water wastage drastically.

  • Guaranteed to fit every toilet
  • Saves up to $100 per year
  • Fast and easy installation

This incredible dual flush converter allows you to just use a small amount of water when you don't need a great big flush. Of course, that option is still available when you need it; don't worry! With a dial to control water usage, you still have full control over your toilet - and there's nothing to remove. If you're serious about saving water, this is one of the quickest and easiest ways to make that happen. 

Tap-n-Flush can save up to 70% of the water in your toilet tank on any given flush. That's incredible... and why people rave about this product. There's also a 2-year warranty to sweeten the deal.

What Reviewers Say: 

80% of Amazon reviewers give this a full 5-star rating. That's rather impressive for any product, but especially a home improvement one. Here's what they say: 

  • The fist unit I installed took 15 minutes, which is what the instructions indicated. Some tank designs will take longer and if you really want to dial in your maximum savings you can certainly spend more time. The second system I installed too less than 10 minutes. I switched the short flush and the long flush settings, since I figure most of the flushes are for liquid waste. I understand why they designed it the other way but for us this makes more sense. I face, for most of our "solid waste" flushes the short flush is sufficient. When it was all said and done, the short flush saves us 66% of the water and the long flush saves us 33%. When compared to other systems, where you rely on a new flush valve seating with your old toilet has the potential for introducing a new leak. In contrast, this system uses a weight to close your existing flapper. If anything this could help prevent leaks.
  • What I like about the Tap-n-Flush: one box contains pretty much everything you could possibly need to get this device to work. No running to the home improvement store or rooting through your toolbox to find an extra piece. I can tell the inventor really considered every possibility.
  • Thought it would be more difficult to install than it was. Don't be scared by the large amount of accessories it comes with. 90% of toilets take about 2 minutes to install.
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