TaoTronics Wireless Portable Bluetooth Transmitter

Best Christmas Gift for Gadget Heads

Why people love it
  • Beautifully easy to set up and use
  • Automatically connects to any nearby Bluetooth devices and headphones
  • Can be charged while in use

Some users experience problems with sound lag when connected to TV; incompatible with a number of Bluetooth headphones.


Details: If he loves his wireless headphones or Bluetooth earpiece, this is the perfect gift for him. Simply put, it turns ANY device (tablet, phone, computer, TV, etc.) into a Bluetooth-compatible one.

The transmitter comes with a 3.5mm jack to plug into any headphone port, and the transmitter will connect with nearby Bluetooth devices to transmit audio straight to your headphones or Bluetooth speaker system. It doesn't work perfectly with every TV (some users complained of audio lag), but it's ideal for listening to music or streaming movies from your computer. Even after 7 hours of non-stop use, you can continue streaming your music while the transmitter is charging.

Price: At $25, this is an amazing gift for guys who love their wireless electronics. It's a way to turn just about anything into a Bluetooth-enabled device he can connect to his headphones, headset, or sound system.

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