Why people love it
  • Perfect for phones with spotty Bluetooth connectivity
  • Surprising versatility from such a small selfie stick
  • Can fit larger phones such as iPhone 6 Plus and Galaxy Note 4

Only works with newer-model smartphones. Additionally, the grip isn't the most secure.


Performance: This monopod selfie stick is beautifully tiny—less than 7 inches long. It fits in any purse, but can be extended to almost two feet in length. You won't be taking wide-angle selfies, but you will have a stick to make those solo/couple shots look better. It's lightweight, and you'll love that the grip can hold even larger models (like the iPhone 6 Plus). However, be warned: some users have complained about the security of the grip, especially with larger phones.

The handle is ergonomic and very comfortable to grip, and the battery makes snapping photos easy. The beauty of this selfie stick is that it's wired, meaning it connects via headphone jack rather than Bluetooth. However, just like fancy headphones, it's not compatible with all smartphones. It works well with newer-model smartphones to take photos, but for older-model phones, it may not work. But the fact that there's no Bluetooth connection means it's ideal for smartphones that have spotty Bluetooth capacities.

Features: Aside from the 3.5 mm headphone jack (and spring wire that is easily stored on the handle), there are very few features built into this stick. It comes with a lanyard to reduce the risks of falling, and the phone grip has cushioning to reduce phone damage. A simple selfie stick, but one that's ideal for those with phones that have spotty Bluetooth functionality.

Price:At $6, this is a well-priced selfie stick. It's not the most cutting-edge or versatile, but it gets the job done. If your phone's Bluetooth has been less than reliable, this wired selfie stick is the perfect option.

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