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With such low wattage, the TaoTronics steamer is not nearly as effective on heavier fabrics. The 120mL water tank also only provides about 6 minutes of steaming. Additionally, a few users report having issues with the product after the first or second use, but other users report receiving a replacement from the customer service department immediately upon lodging a complaint.



The TaoTronics is an 800-watt steamer that heats up in as little as 90 seconds and produces up to 6 minutes of continuous steam. Although the lower wattage requires you spend a bit more time on heavier fabrics, this steamer is effective at delivering wrinkle-free results. Additionally, while the water tank only holds 120mL and provides only 6 minutes of continuous steam, the small, lightweight design is easily transportable and can be taken with you just about anywhere. 


When it comes to features, the TaoTronics goes above and beyond expectations. The product is easy to use with one simple on/off switch, and is equipped with overheat protection which powers the steamer off when water is running low. The 8-foot power cord makes steaming convenient and easy, even in a home with a shortage of outlets. Finally, the steamer even includes a fabric brush and heat-resistant glove, which makes steaming safe and easy. 


At $17.99 this product is the least expensive on our list, but in no way does the product compromise in terms of quality or effectiveness. The TaoTronics steamer comes highly recommended and is perfect for anyone on a budget.

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