Tabletopics Couples Cards

Best Gift for a Girlfriend Who Wants to Strengthen the Relationship

Why people love it
  • Fun conversation starters
  • Helps you learn more about each other
  • Most questions aren’t overly sexual

Unlike many games for couples, this versatile card game works well for hetero couples or same-sex couples. Contains a combination of thought-provoking questions and silly questions.

Some users complain that the questions are geared toward couples without children. Reviewers also warn that some of the questions, such as “Have you ever cheated on your partner?” might cause an argument.


Details: Learn more about the special woman in your life, whether you’ve been dating a few months or a few years. This acrylic cube contains 135 interesting questions to help you understand each other better.

You can play it alone or with other couples, which is great if you’re planning to host a group date night at your home soon. There are no confusing rules to follow or dice to worry about losing; you just flip through the cube and ask each other questions.

Price: This game costs around $25, which is probably less than you’d spend for dinner or a night at the movies.

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