Why people love it
  • Really good bargain
  • Lightweight nonstick pan
  • Heats quickly and works well

Some people have complained about the bottom not completely being flat, so any oil or liquids in it runs to the sides.


Nonstick: While customers have spotted some issues with the nonstick, it usually only occurs after regular use for a few years. Here’s a video from the Chawman Channel testing out the nonstickability of the pan:


Ease of Use: Many nonstick pans tend to be heavier in weight and cumbersome on the stove. This one is neither. It heats quickly, is easy to move around, and it gets the job done really well.

Cleaning: Since the nonstick coating works so well, you won’t have to worry about having to scrub this one clean of food. It’s a breeze!

Price: You won’t find a better quality nonstick pan for cheaper.

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