T-fal OptiGrill Indoor Electric Grill

Best Christmas Gift for Grillmasters

Why people love it
  • Surprisingly easy to clean for an indoor grill
  • Designed for easy use (even with all those programs)
  • Consistent cooking and easy grilling

This isn’t the largest grill; the four-serving size really cooks for about two people (unless you really pack it tight). More importantly, it's not great with uneven cuts of meat. 


Details: For guys who love to grill, this is the perfect option for indoor grilling. Not only is it a highly advanced grill—with multiple cooking programs to accommodate a wide selection of meats and cuts—but it's reliable and beautifully user-friendly. The sensors will actually detect the thickness of the food he's grilling and adjust accordingly. The beep and light indicator will let him know when his meat is grilled to perfection.

Though it's an indoor grill, it delivers flavors on par with any outdoor grill. Temperature control is a breeze with this bad boy, and both the removable plates and drip tray are dishwasher safe. For consistent, easy cooking indoors, this is the grill he'll want.

Price: The grill is a bit pricey at $115, but there are plenty of features for that price--almost as many as (and sometimes more than) indoor grills in the highest price bracket. Add in the 1-year limited warranty and you know you've got an incredible little indoor grill he's going to love.

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