T-fal ActiFry AirFryer

Best Air Fryer for the Technologically Challenged

Why people love it
  • Amazing kitchen appliance
  • Exceptional operation
  • Creates the most perfect, tasty fries

Two buttons are all you need to make this baby work; there’s an on/off button and a timer button. The steam-free transparent lid is a serious bonus for people that need to watch their food.

It’s a non-traditional design, only handles air frying, and you don’t get any temperature controls.


There’s something you need to know before you read any further – this air fryer doesn’t offer as much of the deep-fried taste as the other models on this list. Sorry. But, it is remarkably easy to use. More than that, it offers a transparent lid so you can see what’s happening with your food. That’s wonderfully handy. Of course, you also need to balance the outer dimensions (huge) with the inner cooking capacity (also big). For some people, it’s the best and only option out there. For others, it’s not exactly right.

Manual or digital? This is a strange combination of manual and digital operation. There’s a large LCD screen, but the only thing you can control is a timer that’s operated by a single button. It’s simple and super easy to operate.

Capacity? You can stuff 2.2 pounds of food in the fryer and watch it all cook. It’s a good size; in fact, it’s on the larger side.

Temperatures and timers? There’s a single, high temperature. You users have no control over that. And, you shouldn’t expect anything more than a simple countdown clock.

Can it cook in other ways? Nope, it only does what it does. Sorry.

Cleaning? Wonderful! Almost the entire fryer can go in the dishwasher. And the bits that can’t won’t need much more than a wipe.

Additional features? If you count the measuring spoon to help you measure the right amount of oil, then yes. But, we bet you have teaspoons in the house.

Product dimensions? This covers a huge space compared to other air fryers. It measures 11.75 x 19.1 x 15.6 inches. Argh. That makes it difficult to store, but at least it weighs less than 11 pounds.

Will it break the bank? It’s not exactly cheap, but it’s not terribly expensive either. With a price point of $150, it does offer plenty of possibilities.

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