T-fal 12” Cast Iron Skillet

Best Cast Iron Skillet for Extreme Cooking

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  • Super affordable at this excellent price
  • The perfect size for most dishes
  • Love it. No really. Most users do

You can use this skillet for heats up to 600ºF and the thumb grip on the handle makes it easy to maneuver. It’ pre-seasoned and PFOA and Cadmium-free.

Not everyone finds the pre-seasoning up to scratch and the manufacturers recommend you continue doing so every now and again.


Why would you choose this skillet over the industry leader, Lodge? For a start, it can handle serious heat and the manufacturer also provides step-by-step instructions for seasoning your pan over time (though it does come pre-seasoned). It has everything you’ve come to expect from non-enameled skillets - and the extra bonus of a thumb grip on the handle. That may not seem like a big deal until you get your groove on with adventurous cooking (indoors or out), but we like it a lot and think you will feel the same.

Shape, size, and weight? It’s a 12” round skillet with a weight of 9 pounds. We say it’s an almost perfect balance, though definitely on the heavy side.

Enameled or pre-seasoned? The flat cooking surface has been pre-seasoned on this bare skillet. But, some users report that it wasn’t done to their standards. That’s okay, actually, as the manufacturer provides instructions for seasoning and states that you should undertake to do so every now and again. This is truly a pan that gets better with age.

Suitable for all cooking surfaces? Use it everywhere – indoors and out. And, because it’s safe for use in ovens up to 600ºF, you can really undertake serious cooking with this skillet. As long as you have the wrist strength, this is the skillet you need for crazy, high-heat cooking adventures.

What about pour corners and handles? The handle and helper handle are about as long and strong as you would expect, but we are very impressed with the thumb-grip on the long handle. Even with oven mitts, this is a bonus we wish every skillet would offer. There are also pour corners that get the job done.

Range options? T-fal offers a little bit of everything in the kitchen without actually specializing in a single product. We do think that the 10” skillet they offer is, however, also one of the best.

Will it break the bank? The price varies, of course, but you should expect to pay somewhere around $35 for this cast iron skillet. That’s not bad at all given the size and the features.

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