Swiftrans 24-Watt Full Spectrum Hydroponic Grow Light

Best Budget-Friendly Indoor Grow Light

Why people love it
  • Fits in many standard lamps or clamp systems
  • Emits heat without getting too hot
  • Great for growing herbs

The powerful bulbs in this indoor grow light can burn plants if you place them too close.


Color: Red, blue, and white LED bulbs give this full-spectrum grow light its glow. There are 12 bulbs, and they work together to help plants grow and flower.

Brightness: Coming in at just 24 watts, this LED grow light has the lowest wattage on our list. It burns brightly without causing the headaches and visual strain reported by owners of higher-wattage grow lights.

Features: You won’t find any special features on this budget-friendly, no-frills grow light - and that’s okay. It does what it advertises, and we like that it’s compatible with the desk lamp bases we already own.

Price: This is the cheapest grow light on our list of favorites, but it still gets the job done. It usually costs less than $20.

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