Surge Credit Card

Surge Credit Card

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  • Good for bad and poor credit applicants
  • No security deposit required for some applicants
  • Most applicants likely to be approved
  • High fees
  • High interest rate
  • Low credit limit
  • All credit types welcome to apply!
  • Monthly reporting to the three major credit bureaus
  • Initial Credit Limit of $500.00!* (subject to available credit)
  • Fast and easy application process; results in seconds
  • Use your card at locations everywhere that Mastercard® is accepted
  • Free online account access 24/7
  • Checking Account Required
Faveable Review

The Surge Mastercard is a credit card from Continental Finance. This is a card for those with bad and poor credit, and is not a good choice for anyone with better credit. But those with bad credit are left with few options, particularly outside of the solely secured credit card category.

This is a real credit card for those with bad and poor credit, or no credit at all. If that is you, follow along with this Surge credit card review to learn more.

Surge credit card review

The Surge credit card is an unsecured credit card for applicants with poor and bad credit.

This is not a secured card by default, which means you don’t have to put down a deposit to open the card. For some applicants with the lowest credit scores, the issuer may require a deposit up to the amount of the credit limit.

The card has very low credit score requirements to open a new account. You must have an active checking account to qualify for this account.

All cards open with a maximum $500 limit, which keeps users from getting into too much trouble. To build a high credit score, try to keep your total balance at $100 or lower, which is 20% of the starting credit limit.

Interest rates on the card are high, which is typical of credit cards for bad credit. The current rate is 29.99% APR, among the highest credit card interest rates. It is still lower than interest rates at payday lenders and some personal loan lenders.

Fees are high for this card. In fact, the annual fee is higher than many popular rewards card, and more than 20% of the starting credit limit, and that’s just for the first year. This card charges a $125 annual fee for the first year and $96 for subsequent years.

After the first 12 months, the card charges a $10 monthly maintenance fee, bringing the total annual cost to $216 per year for the second year onward.

Because of the high fees, high interest rate, and low limit, most people should not get this credit card. If you do have bad credit, you have few options and this one may make sense in some cases.

If you do open an account, be sure to pay off the balance in full each month to avoid the nearly 30% interest rate the card charges!

Customer service for this unsecured/secured credit card is available by phone six days a week (not 24/7). The account comes with online banking. Interestingly, while the card does not require a security deposit

Surge credit card rewards and perks

The Surge credit card does not offer a rewards program. This is typical of low credit score credit cards.

Surge credit card credit card benefits

The card does not come with many of the benefits from high-end cards like purchase protection, extended warranty, and travel insurance. The only benefit is a Credit Protection program, which is an optional debt cancellation program.

Credit Protection will pay your minimum payment for you for up to 12 months should you lose your job or become disabled. This is not a free program and we would not recommend it.

Surge credit card costs and fees

  • Annual fee - $125 first-year, $96 subsequent years
  • Monthly fee - $10 per month starting with your 13th statement cycle, not charged the first year
  • Additional card fee - $30 one-time
  • Cash advance fee - 5%, $5 minimum
  • Foreign transaction fee - 3%
  • Late or returned payment fee - Up to $38

The card charges variable rate interest, currently 29.99% APR. This rate may vary based on the market Prime Rate.

Does the Surge credit card make sense for me?

Should you get the Surge credit card? Probably not. It charges high fees and high interest rates and gives you a low credit limit. This is a formula for an expensive-to-have credit card.

If you do have bad or poor credit, you may have few options for a credit card at all, let alone an unsecured one, so you may be drawn to the Surge Mastercard as you don’t have many other options.

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