Why people love it
  • Durable, compact, and comfortable to grip
  • Reliable design using top-grade materials
  • Lightweight with user-friendly operation
  • Won't use regular rechargeable batteries; reliant on proprietary batteries.

Purpose: This little flashlight is designed to be secured to a pistol or carried on a belt. It's just 10 inches long and weighs less than 10 ounces. With its knurled design, it's easy to grip even in wet and cold climates. The tailcap switch makes it easy to turn the light off and on, but prevents it from being activated while in storage or on your belt. It's a security guard or police officer's best friend!

Performance: The flashlight generates up to 1,000 lumens, and the Intellibeam Technology will adjust the light output according to your environment. The LED light bulb is virtually indestructible, as is the glass covering the bulb. The micro-textured reflector will enhance light output and produce a smooth, consistent beam.

The flashlight runs on SureFire's proprietary battery, and ONLY that battery. It's not compatible with standard rechargeable batteries. However, each battery has a 10-year shelf life.

Price: The high price tag is worth it for a compact, durable tactical flashlight to carry on your rounds. Security guards and law enforcement officers will find this a very handy addition to their utility belt.

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