Best Earplugs for Shooting

SureFire EP7 Sonic Defenders Ultra Filtered Earplugs
  • The best earplugs for shooting, riding motorcycles, using power tools, etc.
  • Less cumbersome and more portable than headphones which makes them ideal for these activities
  • Will subdue loud noises, but keep your conversations crystal-clear
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These earplugs are a great alternative to the bulkier headphones you might feel compelled to use to protect your ears from louder activities. That said, while they do subdue those loud and harmful noises, they keep immediate sounds (like conversations with friends) perfectly clear.

We wouldn't recommend you wear these earplugs over longer stretches of time as they could make your ears ache. Another complaint we heard often is that these earplugs don't protect as well as headphones, so many users end up having to double up with an earplugs/headphones combo anyway. 


Ease of Use: These earplugs are very similar to the style of earbud headphones many people are used to wearing, so you shouldn’t have any issues using or wearing these if you’re accustomed to those. These are also corded, so you don’t have to worry about them falling out and getting lost on you.

Comfort: Made by SureFire, a company that deals in tactical weapons and gear and knows their audience well, these earplugs have been crafted specifically for the purposes of shooting. Earplugs Guide explains them as such: “They’re made from a soft-yet-durable, hypoallergenic polymer that’s been optimized for both comfort and durability.” And because they leave such a small footprint, they can be worn under other shooting gear, including headphones, a helmet, or mask. 

Effectiveness: People who use these for shooting seem to be really satisfied with the ability of the earplugs to block out harmful noise levels while protecting the sounds that matter (like conversations with people nearby). For additional protection, you can apply the extra filter that comes with the EP7 to drown out lower-level sounds too.

Price: You get one set of earplugs in this pack, but they’re going to last you awhile so long as you take care of them.


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