Supernova 500 Ultra

Brightest LED Lantern

Why people love it

• Incredibly bright (500 lumens) LED light; turns night into day

• Energy-efficient LED bulbs generate very little heat

• Great run time; hours of continuous light before recharging needed


Battery cover is difficult to get into, and the switch can be triggered very easily.


Performance: For those who want truly bright light, you won't find brighter than this 500-lumen LED lantern. The bluish light will light up any campground easily, and will give you more than enough light to see no matter what you're doing. Be warned: the light is very bright, but the radius of illumination isn't too broad. The light tends to disperse as you move away from the lantern.

The build is beautifully sturdy, and it's designed to be water-resistant and hardcore enough to keep up with any hiking or camping trip. It's a bit more compact than you'd expect, but lightweight and easy to carry with you wherever you go. Thanks to the settings (low to bright), you get anywhere from 9 to 14 hours of continuous light. Definitely a lantern to have in the forest or on a moonless night.

Features: The lantern comes with a slow-pulse SOS setting that will alert rescue teams to your presence in case of an emergency. It's designed to be strung up from both the top or bottom, turning your lantern into a ground-focused light. Plus, you'll find the convex reflector built into the lantern shines the light in all directions.

The button allows you to switch between the various light settings with ease—a bit too easily, according to some users. It has a tendency to switch on if it's jostled, meaning you run out of battery life sooner than you'd like. However, you get 100,000 hours of operation from the LED light bulb, so you never need to worry about it burning out.

Price: At $34, this is one of the pricier lanterns on our list. It's not without its flaws, but the extra-bright 500 lumen light bulb makes it a truly excellent lantern to have with you on a very dark night.

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