Why people love it
  • Comfort abdominal support pad
  • Completely smooth and quiet
  • Computer provides time, count, total distance, calories

It comes with its own abdominal support pad, comfort grip handlebars, and a smooth ride that makes it easy to walk for hours.

What Reviewers Say: 

  • This machine is a dandy for the $80 & free shipping. It has a sliding, swinging motion that can go quite fast if you want with little demand on joints. It's great if you want to put it in front of your TV in your living room. It doesn't take up the space of a treadmill or even a bicycle.
  • I bought this, willing to take the chance because of the low price, but not expecting much. I wanted a machine I could use at home, something like the elliptical I use at the gym. But home ellipticals are too big for my place. After reading the reviews here, I decided to try the Air Walk Trainer. Turns out, it is better than I expected.
  • I absolutely LOVE this little machine, but with two modifications. Modifications: (1) Leave off the abdominal support to increase range of motion; and (2) Add Bungee cords for resistance. There are two holes located on the inside of the front two support bars which make perfect anchor points for attaching bungee cords. I suggest buying an assorted pack so you can mix and match to customize your resistance. With two simple modifications you have a whisper quiet/silent piece of aerobic equipment than can deliver a challenging, impact-free work out.

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