Why people love it
  • Wearable design (wristband) allows parents total freedom of movement
  • Plug-and-play design is great for anyone
  • No need to fumble with cords or cables thanks to wireless charging

No more carrying around a clunky monitor, cheap and easy to use, wireless charging, and band.

Band has average battery life, but extra-long charge time.



This Summer baby monitor is ideal for busy parents who don't want to lug around a monitor that could be dropped, fall, or break. The wristband is comfortable for men and women, and the connection is 100% private--no other monitors will break in on the channel. The monitor is highly sensitive to sound, and will activate the band at even the slightest noise from your child. This may increase the risk of false indications, but it's easy to tune into the noise by pressing the center button. For those with fussy babies who tend to wake up often, it's an excellent device!


The wireless charging feature makes it easy for you to keep your monitor powered at all times. It's ideal to use if you want to catch a quick nap while the little one is sleeping, but make sure the band is fully charged for overnight use (battery life is iffy, and charge time is 5-6 hours). You can customize the wristband alerts according to your preferences: sound lights, vibration and sound lights, and audio alert with sound lights. A user-friendly device to be certain!


At $60, this is a pretty great piece of wearable tech! It's convenient, user-friendly, and designed with your comfort in mind.

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