Summer Infant 3D Lite Baby Stroller

Best Lightweight Baby Stroller

Why people love it
  • Easy to fold and unfold and comes with a comfortable carrying strap
  • Much lighter than most, but sturdier than the run of the mill umbrella buggy
  • Perfect for errands and travelling

Easy to maneuver through busy places and light enough to carry. 

Ideal for use on flat surfaces such as sidewalks and grocery store aisles.  


The Summer Infant 3D Lite first caught our attention because of it's sleek and stylish look. Then we saw the price and the hundreds of five-star reviews and knew we had to tell you about it. 


The price isn't the only thing low on this bad boy, the weight is also pretty impressive as well. Most units range from 15-30lbs -the Summer Infant 3D Lite weighs in at just 12lbs, making it one of the lightest on the market. This means that you can fold it up and carry it on your shoulder just about anywhere. Yes, you heard us right, this buggy comes with a super comfortable carrying strap. Which makes it ideal when you're travelling through the airport, on the bus, upstairs. 


Aside from the super convenient carrying strap, this baby has a good amount of storage for an umbrella stroller. It also comes with a rear storage pocket perfect for your keys and phone. If you're spending the day outside, the pop out sun visor has you covered - literally. It is rated to block 99.9% of UVA and UVB rays. 


On a budget? At $80, it's one of the cheapest on the market. Despite the low price, it's surprisingly durable and reliable.

What Reviewers Say:

Want to know what other moms think? We understand:

  • This is great!! Lightweight and very easy to open and close. Fits perfect in my trunk and doesn't take up a ton of space. The seat is very comfortable for my son and I like that it has the canopy that extends to block the sun.
  • Great product! Lightweight, tall, easy to fold and open, helpful shoulder strap, affordable, sturdy, my 6 week old baby loved it. He was supported and secure in the reclined seat and quick buckle system.
  • MY KID LOVED IT! He feel so good and relax on his new pram. I couldn't pick a better one.

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