Sultra Bombshell Cone Curling Rod

Best Curling Rod over $100

Why people love it

• Safety glove included

• 380-degree F heat smooths and locks in curls

• Loose, natural waves that transition to tight curls

Not only does this curling rod create gorgeous, sexy waves that will last all day, but reviewers also report a noticeable difference in the health of their hair with continued use of the Sultra Bombshell Rod Curling Iron.

The price. Ouch. Also, some reviewers report experiencing quality control issues. However, if you register your wand as soon as you receive it you will be covered by a 2-year warranty. That's a no brainer!


Performance: Praised by Allure, Harper's Bazar, and Total Beauty, the patented Advanced Care Ceramic Technology of the Sultra Bombshell heats up to 380-degrees F and will protect and repair hair while creating gorgeous, smooth curls that last all day.

And if tapered curls just aren’t your thing, Sultra also sells several other sizes of curling rods: a 3/4” barrel that creates tight, ringlet curls from root to tip; 1" and 1½” rods that create loose, full bodied waves; and an oval rod that creates modern, messy curls.

Features: What we love most about the Sultra Bombshell is the rapid heat up feature that will allow you to create consistent, long lasting looks in half the time of traditional curling irons. The Sultra Bombshell also features a thermagrip, no slip, tapered barrel that holds hair in place, and an automatic shut off feature that will automatically turn the rod off after being on for 30 minutes. The Sultra Bombshell curling rod is also compatible with both 110-120V and 220-240V so you can even take it with you overseas!

Price: $130 for a styling tool is expensive, there’s just no getting around that. However, if you register your product for the 2-year warranty, we think the $130 price tag seems much more reasonable.

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