You've always wanted to roll out of bed and head to the office in your pyjamas. And now you can. 

  • Look professional — feel like you're in pajamas
  • Surprisingly breathable
  • Features adjustable waistband

Suitsy certainly feels like wearing the most comfortable pair of sweats - but it looks like a suit. We're not actually suggesting that you wear pyjamas to the office - or your favorite new suit to bed.

This onesie suit from Betabrand is part of a growing trend towards being comfortable while you work. It's designed to feel like your favorite sweats or pyjamas, but it looks like what you're meant to wear at the office. It's got pockets and a hidden zipper so you can step in and out of this suit quickly. (Incidentally, there's also a video on the manufacturer's website to explain how you relieve yourself while wearing Suitsy.) Plus, the whole thing is machine washable and made to remain wrinkle-free (unless it's time to upgrade your washing machine).

And, we're not saying you should wear this every day, but after a red-eye flight or an evening that involved more cocktails than necessary... why not?

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