This Oven Roasted Chicken Sub from Subway is easily the healthiest on the list. In fact, it made it to this list because it’s the most delicious chicken sandwich you’ll get that you can justify in your diet. Well, that, plus a few extras.


You can find Subway everywhere. It’s one of the most prolific American chains, making it to countries that even Starbucks can’t find a market in. But, that’s not why this sandwich is here. It’s because it’s delicious, and you can add all the veggies you want. It’s the customization that counts if you’re a picky eater. Lettuce and olives? Tomatoes and pickles? It’s up to you how deluxe you want your sandwich to be.

If you opt for a standard 6” sandwich without cheese or heavy dressings, you score with all of 5 grams of fat. Want to add mayo or ranch? You’ll be bumping that total up dramatically - fortunately, Subway offers a few tempting low-fat options.

This chicken sandwich features:

  • Oven roasted chicken fillet
  • White bread
  • Your choice of veggies
  • Calories: 320
  • Fat: 5
  • Carbs: 47

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