SUB Sports DUAL Mens Compression

Best Mens Leggings for Yoga

Why people love it
  • Better power and endurance; great for use when practicing Yoga
  • Medium compression without reducing flexibility and mobility
  • Comfortable, reduces chafing, and great for active use

Midweight, good compression, improve oxygenation and blood flow, prevents friction, comfy, stylish, available in many colors, moisture-wicking, good ventilation, flatlock seams, 4-way stretch with good elasticity, UV protection, and affordable.

Some reviewers report issues with quality control and the loose waist band.


Performance: If you want a pair of compression leggings for Yoga or Pilates classes, you'll love these. The material (82% Nylon, 18% Elastine) has enough elasticity to promote a good range of movement without sacrificing compression. The material is midweight, comfortable, and a fairly durable option if you lead an active lifestyle.

A number of users reported that the leggings were useful for more active exercise (running, martial arts, etc.), but some insisted that they restricted mobility for rapid movements. Hence, they're ideal for the slower movements of Yoga. Thanks to their moisture-wicking material and good ventilation, they can keep you cool and (somewhat) dry even in a Hot Yoga session.

Design: Don't expect medical-grade pressure from these pants—they're a middleweight pair of leggings that offer reasonable compression to enhance blood flow and oxygenation. Thanks to the flat seams, you can wear them without worrying about rubbing or chafing in the wrong places.

The material offers UV protection for outdoor use. It's not so thick that your legs will feel stifled or sweat excessively, but it's a great base layer to wear when the weather turns chilly.

Price: Starting at $16, this is a very well-priced pair of mens leggings. They're snug, comfortable, and ideal for men engaging in slower-paced activities like Yoga or Pilates.

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