Suavecito Pomade Original Hold

Best Budget Pomade for Men

Why people love it
  • Strong grip and great hold
  • Delicious scent
  • A little really goes a long way (making this even better value for money)

You’ll only get a moderate shine. But, if you add more water to up the gloss levels, you lose the hold. It’s a minor issue and doesn’t bother most guys.


The packaging of this hair pomade seems a little OTT in today's minimalist world, but that's not what's important here. If you're looking for the best pomade for men that holds like wax but remains water soluble, you want to take a look at this one. This American-made product works across styles, from classic and retro to modern – and even dreadlocks. 

This pomade from Suavecito offers terrific hold with a light scent. It's perfect for both modern and retro styles and works on a variety of hair types - from African American hair to strictly straight hair of medium length. If you add a bit of water to your grooming regime, you can achieve a wet look that lasts. Plus, this baby washes out easily without leaving a residue. Score.

Base: Water

Notable ingredients: The self-emulsifying beeswax is what gives this product it’s great grip, and the castor oil conditions your hair while taming it and providing a nice, natural glisten.

Hold and control: The hold is medium to strong, unless you add too much water to up the shine levels. If you do that, you’ll lose a little hold.

Shine level: Medium, it’s neither matte nor high shine.

Texture and fragrance: It feels a little more like a cream than you might expect, especially as it grips like wax. That said, it doesn’t feel greasy. As for the scent, it’s a light, pleasant smell, though it’s difficult to name exactly what it smells like.

Application: You’ll get a strong, wax-like grip here, and yet it’s wonderfully easy to apply this pomade. It dries to a medium hardness, but if you run your fingers under water, you can reshape it as you need. Of course, you won't be able to do much if you dunk your head under water, but it's better than nothing! This isn't a lifting product, though it all depends on your style just how much texture you'll get.

Washability: Super easy; no need to stress about this aspect.

Sizes and pricing: You can get a 4-ounce tub for around $10 on Amazon (yes, with Prime), making this a super affordable $2.50 (give or take) per ounce. If you’re super conscious of your budget, you can pick up the 32-ounce option (also on Prime) for around $53, for an amazing $1.65 per ounce. Talk about value!

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